The global demand for food is growing, with a specific need for more protein. As a trusted supplier of food and feed, Canada is uniquely positioned to meet this demand.

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The supercluster initiative is more than just investing money; it is about doing business differently - about leveraging strengths to drive innovation, overcome barriers and explore new opportunities. By creating more value-added processing opportunities in Canada, we will generate new companies, products, processes, services, and jobs.

Working together, we will build a shared competitive advantage for Canada.

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Protein Industries Canada Invests To Improve Protein Content In Canadian Canola

On January 15th, 2020, Protein Industries Canada, along with industry partners, announced an investment of more than $27 million into a canola breeding project focused on making canola hybrids that produce high protein meal for downstream use.

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Protein Supercluster Invests Into Novel Pea and Canola Processing

On January 10th, 2020, Protein Industries Canada announced their second co-investment into a consortium-led project. The $19.1 million project will work to commercialize high quality plant-based proteins, focusing on proprietary pea protein and canola protein isolates, including introducing the world’s first highly soluble, highly functional canola protein isolate.

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What is a Supercluster?

The Innovation Supercluster Initiative (ISI) is an exciting strategy, created by the Government of Canada, aimed at driving commercially successful innovation, fostering growth and creating jobs across Canada.

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Protein Industries Canada Invests to Improve Protein Content in Canadian Canola
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