The global demand for food is growing, with a specific need for more protein. As a trusted supplier of food and feed, Canada is uniquely positioned to meet this demand.

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The supercluster initiative is more than just investing money; it is about doing business differently - about leveraging strengths to drive innovation, overcome barriers and explore new opportunities. By creating more value-added processing opportunities in Canada, we will generate new companies, products, processes, services, and jobs.

Working together, we will build a shared competitive advantage for Canada.

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Protein Supercluster Supports Whole Seed Utilization

Lucent Biosciences and AGT Foods and Ingredients are taking what has historically been considered a waste stream from processing and adding further value, utilizing the entire seed.

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COVID-19 Support Resources

To assist the sector, Protein Industries Canada has compiled a list of federal and provincial programs available to assist organizations. Information regarding these programs is rapidly evolving, and we will do our best to help companies understand and navigate the programs that may benefit them.

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Botaneco’s Canola Protein Concentrate a highly effective aquaculture feed ingredient

On July 5, 2020, Protein Industries Canada and Botaneco announced the completion of Botaneco’s key trials in the development of its new plant-based protein ingredient for aquaculture feed. The product tested as one of the most effective plant-based proteins for aquaculture.

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New partnership to create Canadian-made plant-based foods

On June 25, 2020, Protein Industries Canada announced a project focused on processing peas, lentils and faba beans grown on the Prairies. The $11.3 million project will see the processed pulses further developed into a variety of foods for the consumer and restaurant markets.

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New fertilizer offers promising results

After another successful round of field trials, Protein Industries Canada and Lucent BioSciences are announcing that Lucent BioScience’s Soileos fertilizer helps increase yield in crops, while also contributing to both soil and human health.

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