Annual Report 2021-2022

Technology Program

Innovative research and development is at the core of advancing Canada’s plant-based food and ingredients sector. Through strategic co-investments, companies and researchers from coast to coast are making our sector more sustainable while providing consumers with a wider variety of healthy food and beverage options—all while getting Canada closer to its goal of achieving $25 billion in annual global plant-based food and ingredient sales by 2035.

Throughout the 2021-22 fiscal year, Protein Industries Canada approved 15 technology projects, bringing the total number of active technology projects to 34. This represents a total project value of $451 million. Of this total, Protein Industries Canada’s co-investment was $154 million with project partners contributing the remaining $297 million. Protein Industries Canada has now fully committed their first tranche of funding, and are managing the portfolio of the 34 active technology projects.

In fiscal 2021-22, three projects reached their final milestones.

Canada is already seeing the results of these projects—completed and in progress alike. While an increase in jobs available across the country has been one of the most consistent outcomes, a number of project partners are also already making their new ingredients available to consumer-packaged-goods companies, or putting their final products on grocery store shelves.

Canada’s plant-based food and ingredients sector is growing, thanks to the innovative, driven entrepreneurs working collaboratively to make their Protein Industries Canada technology projects a success.


Reached a total project value of more than $478 M with industry contributions of $305 million


Approved 15 additional Technology Projects with a total project value of $112 million.


Approved 12 capacity projects with a total project value of more than $17 million.