Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of industry leaders who are passionate about advancing plan protein innovation across Canada.

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    Frank Hart

    Frank Hart (B.A, FCMC) is a recognized leader with extensive executive experience in business strategy, operations management and finance in various industries, including utilities, private equity, information technology, management consulting and government.

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    Annette Revet

    Annette Revet (B.Sc Hons, MBA, C.Dir.) is the Chief Transformation Officer at Conexus Credit Union. Annette is a leader whose background equips her for strategic leadership roles, particularly in the areas of governance, strategy, corporate risk management and continuous organizational improvement.

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    David Dzisiak

    David Dzisiak (B.Sc Agriculture) is the Chief Operating Officer for Botaneco Inc in Calgary Alberta. Dave’s keen interest in the ongoing evolution of the oilseed industry is inspiring innovative thinking and approaches to help transform the industry.

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    Murad Al-Katib

    Murad Al-Katib (MBA) is the President and CEO of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. An insightful entrepreneur who has demonstrated the outstanding value of pulses around the world, Murad is a known advocate for the development of plant protein.

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    Kathryn Bulmer Matheson

    Kathryn Bulmer Matheson serves as Senior Director, Global Foods, Research & Development (R&D) at PepsiCo.

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    Ray Bouchard

    Ray Bouchard is the President and CEO of Enns Brothers Ltd, an agricultural equipment dealer located in the Province of Manitoba. Ray is driven by his passion and vision for the future of agriculture in Canada to create long-term benefits for Canadians, the economy and the environment.

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    Karen Chad

    Dr. Karen Chad is the Vice-President Research at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) and has served in this role since January 2010. She is also a faculty member in the USask’s College of Kinesiology.

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    Karen Churchill

    Dr. Karen Churchill grew up on a seed grain and potato farm in Scott, Saskatchewan that has always been an active early adopter of new trends in agriculture. She received a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Minnesota.

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    Laurie Dmytryshyn

    Laurie Dmytryshyn is the Chief of Equity Investment for PIC Investment Group Inc. (PIC). PIC is a private, family office based out of Saskatoon led by Greg Yuel, President and CEO. PIC currently owns 8 operating companies and has 22 active minority investments. Laurie overseees the minority investment portfolio for PIC and has gained extensive experience in investing in entrepreneurs through PIC.

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    Mary M. Donlevy-Konkin

    As a Senior Counsel at McKercher LLP, Mary Donlevy-Konkin maintains an active estate law practice.

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    Tyler Groeneveld

    As the commercial Grains and Oils Leader for North America, Tyler serves on the Canadian Leadership Team and is responsible for the development and commercialization of output traits in cereals and oilseeds that will create new value for farmers and food chain stakeholders.

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    George Lafond

    Experienced business and social development Advisor known for successfully leading executive teams on strategic initiatives leading to First Nations engagement and achievement. Leadership approach is collaborative, focused and strives to align opinion leaders and influential people in corporate, public and community sectors for successful community and business development with tangible results.