Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of industry leaders who are passionate about advancing plant-protein innovation across Canada.

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    Frank Hart

    Frank Hart (B.A, FCMC) is a recognized leader with extensive executive…
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    Annette Revet

    Annette Revet (B.Sc Hons, MBA, C.Dir.) is the Chief Transformation Officer at…
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    David Dzisiak

    David Dzisiak (B.Sc Agriculture) is the Chief Operating Officer for Botaneco…
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    Murad Al-Katib

    Murad Al-Katib (MBA) is the President and CEO of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc.…
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    Kathryn Bulmer Matheson

    Kathryn Bulmer Matheson serves as Senior Director, Global Foods, Research &…
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    Karen Chad

    Dr. Karen Chad is the Vice-President Research at the University of Saskatchewan…
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    Karen Churchill

    Dr. Karen Churchill grew up on a seed grain and potato farm in Scott,…
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    Laurie Dmytryshyn

    Laurie Dmytryshyn is the Chief of Equity Investment for PIC Investment Group…
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    Mary M. Donlevy-Konkin

    As a Senior Counsel at McKercher LLP, Mary Donlevy-Konkin maintains an active…
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    David Donnan

    David Donnan is a business leader and consultant with significant global…
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    Tyler Groeneveld

    As the North America Director for Grains and Oils, Tyler serves on Corteva's…
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    George Lafond

    Experienced business and social development Advisor known for successfully…
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