AOCS Webinar: Overcoming the Challenges in the Production & Utilization of Plant Protein Isolates in Food

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The utilization of plant proteins in food products has rapidly increased during recent years. The food industry prefers the use of plant protein isolates primarily due to their high protein content and high nutritional value. However, there are numerous challenges in formulating food products with plant protein isolates, particularly in achieving the target functional properties in the ingredients. Although there is a number of plant protein isolates currently available in the market, many of them could not be used as alternatives to animal proteins. Several factors influence the production of plant protein isolates with desired functional properties that match the functionalities of animal proteins. At present, the protein isolates are produced from oilseeds, pulses, and cereals. The physicochemical and functional properties of the plant protein isolates vary primarily due to both the source and processing methods. This presentation reviews the challenges and opportunities associated with the production of selected plant protein isolates, with desired functional properties.

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