Feeding the Future: With Alternative Proteins

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This webinar will share information about the state of the alternative protein sector, including trends developing in North America, Europe, and worldwide.

Additionally, it will highlight the experiences, challenges, and opportunities of Manitoba businesses in their journey to create new ventures within the alternative protein sector in Manitoba.

Moreover, the webinar will discuss strategies and opportunities to secure funding for the growth of the alternative protein sector in Manitoba and Canada.

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MB Gov Webinar 2024 James

James Battershill

Founder, Juno Foods Lab

James Battershill is the founder at CEO at Juno Food Labs, a Winnipeg based alternative protein startup focused on making foods that are sustainable, delicious, and affordable. He is a founding member of both the Winnipeg Food Council and Manitoba Protein Consortium. James' believes that our food system is the mother of all great human achievements, and that our future depends on our ability to meet the world's growing appetite for protein sustainably.

MB Gov Webinar 2024 Stacy

Dr. Stacy Pyett

Program Manager Proteins for Life, Wageningen University and Research

As Program Manager Proteins for Life at Wageningen University & Research, Dr Stacy Pyett is responsible for aligning protein-related research to stakeholder needs. Stacy is committed to making protein systems more sustainable and equitable, and to maintaining a science-based and nuanced dialogue in what can be a contentious domain.

MB Gov Webinar 2024 Priera

Priera Panescu

Lead Scientist — Plant-Based Specialist, The Good Food Institute

Priera Panescu is passionate about leveraging science and technology to advance food security, improve environmental sustainability, and ensure equitable access and flourishing livelihoods for producers across food and agricultural value chains. Her current role at The Good Food Institute focuses on accelerating the plant-based meat industry by analyzing the plant-based protein landscape, identifying emerging technological solutions and bottlenecks, and communicating with other scientists about advancing alternative protein research.