Food in Canada: Trends and Innovations in Food webinar series

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The Ozempic Effect
Tuesday, March 5, 1-2 pm ET

The series begins with a discussion on the effects of GLP-1 weight loss drugs on food consumption. A Numerator study found consumers using GLP-1 medication for weight loss are spending less. Is this all hype or an indication of a deeper, more significant change in food consumption patterns?

AI's Role in F&B Processing
Thursday, April 11, 1-2 pm ET

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in a myriad of ways in F&B manufacturing. Every day, AI-powered applications are being launched, but are they helpful and safe? The expert speakers will provide actionable insights into how best to integrate AI/Gen-AI into your business safely.

The Next Wave of Food Packaging: Are You Ready?
Thursday, May 2, 1-2 pm ET

The Federal Government has made the elimination of plastic from food packaging a priority. While it’s important to reduce plastic food packaging and divert them from landfills, there are no easy solutions. The food industry has a responsibility to meet consumer desires for environmentally friendly packaging and more sustainable food that is also safe and delicious. How does the industry balance these needs? Change is coming, and we must be ready for it.

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