GrowCanada 2023

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Calgary, AB
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The world continues in a state of uncertainty. The conflict in Ukraine is in its second year. In addition, supply chain challenges, increased protectionism and severe weather events challenge the global flow of agricultural products and threaten food security around the world. As a globally recognized supplier of safe, quality and sustainably produced food, the world needs more of what Canada grows. Now is the time for Canada to make agriculture a strategic priority.

The GrowCanada conference is Canada’s premier agricultural event, providing a platform to connect with industry leaders from across the country, explore cutting edge insight and build a stronger and more vibrant Canadian agricultural sector that ultimately contributes to a better world.

The GrowCanada partners form an informal coalition of national stakeholders working together to promote and advance innovation in Canada. The coalition was formalized in 2009 with a vision for Canada to be a world leader in providing new products and innovative solutions for agricultural, nutritional, health, energy, and environmental challenges in Canada and around the world, so that all Canadians can enjoy the economic, environmental and social benefits of the bio-economy.

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