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PIC has partnered with MLT Aikins to provide an IP workshop for PIC members and those considering a PIC membership. The workshop is open to all members of the value chain and will focus on increasing knowledge and understand of IP as well as communication regarding PIC’s IP policies related to projects. The workshop will contain three modules;

1. IP Fundamentals

Here we will discuss the various forms and types of IP, from patents and trade secrets to plant breeders’ rights and copyright. The goal of this module is to create awareness and understanding of the forms of IP that may be relevant to or arise in the course of collaborative projects, and that all members of the value chain may consider as part of an overall corporate IP strategy.

2. Best Practices

This module will focus on industry best practices for IP management, covering 5 distinct areas;

  • How to ensure your organization is well paced to seek IP protection
  • How to go about securing IP protection
  • How to maximize the value of IP through commercialization, collaboration and partnering
  • Key issues and items to consider in a Licensing or Commercialization Agreement
  • What you need to know about enforcement of IP

3. Protein Industries Canada IP Requirements

In the final module, PIC will discuss the Supercluster’s approach to IP management including how Background IP and Foreground IP will be handled, the requirements of the IP Registry, and how we plan to work with consortia members on the development IP rationale and the negotiation of the Multi Party Master Project Funding Agreement.

More Details:

Location: Saskatoon Club

1 – 1:30 p.m. – coffee & Registration

1:30-4:30: IP Workshop and PIC info

5- 7:30 p.m. Reception (Workshop attendees and invited guests)

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