World Championship of Chinese Cuisine

Event Date:
Event Location:
Vancouver, BC

The World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry (WFCCI), headquartered at Beijing, will hold the 9thWorld Championship of Chinese Cuisine (WCCC) from May 21st to May 23rd, 2024, at the PNE Forum in Vancouver, Canada.

The WCCC is held once every four years globally and is nicknamed the Olympic Games of the Chinese Catering Industry. The first session was held in 1992 and previous host cities were Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore City, and Rotterdam.

The 9th WCCC will aim to recruit 100 competition teams worldwide. Besides competitors from mainland China, Chinese catering teams from across the world will join the WCCC. The delegation will include well-known Chinese restaurants’ chefs and buyers.

The delegation is looking for potential cooperation from Canadian companies who want to participate in the WCCC and showcase their products to Chinese chefs, restaurants, and buyers. They are looking for food ingredients which are suitable for Chinese cooking, including but not limited to, seasoning, sustainable seafood and meat, beverages with or without alcohol, fresh and dried fruits, dairy products, and any innovative and healthy foods. This opportunity is best suited for Canadian companies with products already in the China market, have a strong interest to export to the China market, or would like to develop the catering industry sales channel.

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) views this as an excellent opportunity to showcase the combination of healthy Canadian Food with amazing Chinese cooking skills. Participating companies will have their products showcased by top chefs in cooking demonstrations leading to increased marketing exposure and potential opportunities in the Chinese catering industry. The TCS also hopes to capitalize on the incoming delegation by organizing B2B and networking opportunities on the margins of the WCCC.

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Ms. Rachel Cheng (yurachel.cheng@international.gc.ca) and Ms. Amy Antonini (amy.antonini@international.gc.ca) by March 31, 2024.