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Canada holds plenty of growth opportunity for the plant-protein sector. The global demand for plant-based proteins is rising, and, as a top producer of the world’s protein-rich crops, Canada is in a prime position to meet that demand.

Doing so, however, requires a strong plant-protein ecosystem. One that spans the agrifood value chain, and includes members from not only across Canada, but countries around the world. It requires an ecosystem that values innovation and collaboration, and that connects research with first-hand experience and on-site utilization.

Protein Industries Canada’s members work to bring strength to that ecosystem every day. Together, they’re launching new plant-based food and feed ingredients, addressing processing challenges, creating new technology and crop breeds for farmers, and opening new market opportunities for exporters—all in ways that are more sustainable than ever before.

Members by Classification

Ag Manufacturing
Ag Tech
NGO/Industry Group
Financial & Business Services
Ingredient & Food Processor
Post Secondary
Research Institution
Not for Profit
Industry Association

Regardless of where you do business—or what type of business you do—chances are there’s a Protein Industries Canada member eager to connect with you. You can meet with them and join them in this work by becoming a Protein Industries Member, as well.

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An annual $500, GST-included fee enrolls you as either an Industry or Non-voting Protein Industries Canada member. Both provide you access to the following:

  • Our company pairing tool;
  • Exclusive market analysis tools;
  • Assessment reports;
  • A subscription to our biweekly newsletter, filled with timely videos, articles and event invitations; and
  • The ability to be a partner on a Technology, Capacity Building or Artificial Intelligence project.

Industry Members

To be considered an Industry member, you must be a Canadian or international for-profit business whose primary business is in the agriculture and/or agrifood industry, or have an interest in the development of these industries, or provide financial investment services to the industry. If you’re an Industry member located within Canada or with a Canadian subsidiary, you’re eligible for the following:

  • To submit a project application;
  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting; and
  • Let a representative’s name stand for nomination to Protein Industries Canada’s board of directors.

You may also be a part of a project consortia and contribute to a project, but you may only be a lead applicant if you have a Canadian location.

Non-voting Members

You will be considered a Non-voting member if you are a Canadian or international government representative, association, economic development organization, business accelerator, not-for-profit entity, university, college, research/technology centre, or other professional firm, bank or consultant. As a Non-voting member, you are eligible for the following:

  • You may be a part of a project consortia and contribute to a project, but cannot be the lead applicant; and
  • You cannot vote at our Annual General Meeting, but may be appointed to the Board of Directors as an Independent Director.
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Already, our members are making a difference in each of the Canadian and global plant-protein sectors. The growth opportunity before us is matched only by the growing global demand for plant-based proteins. Together, we can meet that demand.

To connect with a Protein Industries Canada member who best fits your needs, contact us at info@proteinsupercluster.ca.