Protein Industries Canada investing over $9 million to food trace-ability and farm efficiency

PIC in the News

Regina-based Protein Industries Canada has announced a 9.25 million dollar investment to improve on-farm logistics and food trace-ability.

The CEO of Protein Industries Canada, Bill Greuel, says the project will help farmers become more efficient and achieve higher returns while improving food trace-ability.

“I think farmers are really going to benefit from this project because there’s a large component here about improving on-farm efficiency, and reducing overlap, and reducing input use, and utilizing machinery a lot more efficiently in use for seeding and harvest.”

Greuel said 3 high tech Alberta companies will gather data on a 100,000 acre farm at Kindersley, Coutts Agro, to improve fieldwork efficiency.

“This is really a beta project, and it’s bringing together data sets from GPS systems, on-farm equipment sensors, and data technology to help create more efficient use of equipment as it passes over the field.”

Half the cost of the study will be covered by the participants.