Protein Industries Canada Opens Ongoing Call For Expressions Of Interest For Technology Projects

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Protein Industries Canada is now accepting Expressions of Interests (EOIs) for technology projects to advance Canada’s value-added processing sector with a focus on plant protein. This is a continual call, meaning there is no closing date for EOIs to be submitted. Consortium’s may submit projects on a timeline that works for them and their organization.

EOIs will be accepted starting April 20, 2020 and will continue to be accepted through to the Fall of 2020. EOIs will be evaluated on a regular basis during the submission period or until the remainder of Protein Industries Canada’s co-investment fund of at least $30 million is committed.

“We are doing business in a very different world than we were even a month ago. We realize that the timing may not be right for every company to focus on submitting a project at this time,” CEO of Protein Industries Canada Bill Greuel said. “However, for some organizations this is an opportunity to look towards the future. The ongoing call will allow businesses to form a consortium and submit a project when the timing is right for them.”

This is an open call for proposals. Projects will be accepted in all four categories of create, grow, make and sell with no maximum investment amount. It is encouraged that organizations consider projects that strengthen the Canadian supply chain and supports Canadian companies in sourcing more product and co-products domestically, while accelerating Canada’s position as an exporter of value-added ingredients and food products. Examples include improving protein quality and quantity, new technologies to track and improve crops, creation of new ingredient and food products, evaluating human nutrition benefits of plant protein products and co-products, and high value uses for co-products.

All projects must be submitted by a consortium consisting of at least two Protein Industries Canada members, one of which must be a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Projects must demonstrate collaboration between organizations to leverage strengths, address gaps and incent innovation to accelerate the processing of plant protein products and co-products. Collaborations between the private and public sector are encouraged.

“At Protein Industries Canada we believe that the agriculture, ingredient manufacturing and food processing industries are critical as we emerge from the current state and look forward to Canada’s economic recovery. The agrifood sector is vital to Canadian’s economy and continuing to support R&D into processing is one way we will do our part to ensure our industry weathers these uncertain times and is positioned to supply a greater portion of the world’s demand for safe, nutritious ingredients and foods,” Greuel said.

For more information on how to submit an Expression of Interest or to become a member of Protein Industries Canada, visit A webinar providing an overview of the EOI process will take place on April 29, 2020 at 10 a.m. CST. To register for the Webinar click here.

To date, Protein Industries Canada has approved 10 projects, five of which have been announced, and co- invested $59 million. A further 10 projects continue to work their way through the project approval process. Protein Industries Canada was created to position Canada as a leading global source of high-quality plant protein and plant-based co-products. Protein Industries Canada will invest $153 million, made available by the Government of Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative, across the value chain over the next four years.