The Road to $25 Billion


I am confident that many of us share some common aspirations when we think about our vision for Canada, including:

  • A Canada with a healthy and cared for environment, secure and sustainable for future generations;
  • A healthy society – friends, families and neighbours that have access to safe and healthy food; and
  • An inclusive economy with jobs that allow for a high quality of life.

We want to feel secure and safe in knowing that we live in a country that provides these things. A country that looks toward the future and works to seize opportunities. A country doing its part to create the best life possible – for this generation and the ones that will come after us.

At Protein Industries Canada, we are doing our part to make this vision a reality.

By investing into the creation of plant-based ingredients and food we are helping to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and contributing to Canada’s goal of carbon-neutrality. Increasing the production of plant-based foods, and supporting a plant-based diet, could help reduce the GHG emissions related to food production by upwards of 25 per cent. We can do this while creating inclusive growth to benefit all Canadians – upwards of $25 billion in sales and 6,800 jobs a year. A continued investment into Canada’s plant-based food ecosystem will benefit Canadians from coast-to-coast – from farmers in Western Canada, to the ingredient and food processors in B.C, Ontario and Quebec, to Canadians in every town and city – who will be able to choose healthy and nutritious food grown and processed sustainably right here in Canada.

This is an exciting journey, and one that I hope you will join us on. Protein Industries Canada, in collaboration with many of our partners, recently released a plan for the future of Canada’s plant-based ecosystem – The Road to $25 Billion. This plan will guide the growth of the sector for the next 14 years. We are on the brink of a once–in-a-generation opportunity. But we must keep the momentum, and establish our place on the global stage.

Join us as we help create the Canada of the future. Join us on the Road to $25 Billion.