Annual Conference and General Meeting to bring new learning and collaboration opportunities


Protein Industries Canada’s focus on growing and bringing value to Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients ecosystem extends beyond the programs it offers. Throughout the year, the organization offers a variety of in-person events and webinars, culminating in an Annual General Meeting that has grown to become one of its members’ most anticipated events of the year.

Now considered an Annual Conference and General Meeting, this year’s event is on track to be the organization’s most successful. Of particular note is the event’s focus on Protein Industries Canada’s transition from its first mandate into its second, allowing the organization to celebrate both the success of the past and what’s to come.

“We’ll be celebrating what’s ahead for Protein Industries Canada and our partners in the first year of our second mandate,” Protein Industries Canada Communications and Marketing Consultant Sarah Ivey said. “There will also be opportunities to network with international delegations and learn more about potential partnerships between Canadian and UK companies, and keynote speakers who will bring insight into the modern consumer and scaling Canadian SMEs for global success.”

The opportunity for Canadian companies to connect with their global counterparts is one of the newest additions to the Protein Industries Canada Annual Conference and General Meeting. Added as part of the organization’s efforts to strengthen international collaboration throughout the sector, the networking event will provide companies the opportunity to discuss how their work can complement each other. The intent is to foster future partnerships, growing the plant-based sector around the globe.

“The focus on international collaborations will bring international delegates from the UK,” Ivey said. “The addition of this event will provide Canadian companies with even more opportunities to partner with companies in countries aligned with Canada’s plant-based goals.”

This effort to grow the sector through new partnerships will be supported by speakers and panels that will provide attendees with valuable sector-specific learnings. Keynote Steve Lerch has become a particularly anticipated part of the agenda, with his presentation topic of “Understanding and Influencing Modern Consumers” being a timely and important issue for many of Canada’s plant-based companies.

Lerch’s presentation will complement the rest of the Annual Conference and General Meeting, which will touch on everything from SME scale-up, to international competitiveness. Overall, it’s an agenda few Canadian plant-based companies can afford to miss.

“We hope to see attendees walk away with new connections in the domestic/international ecosystems, and new ideas and learning to scale up their companies and the Canadian ecosystem,” Ivey said.

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