Protein Industries Canada is recruiting for its Board of Directors


Protein Industries Canada is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization created to position Canada as a global source of high-quality plant-based food, feed and ingredients. We are one of Canada’s five Global Innovation Clusters.

By facilitating industry partnerships, and opening doors to investment opportunities, Protein Industries Canada is working to create a $25 billion ingredient manufacturing, food processing and bio-products sector for Canada by 2035. Since 2018, Protein Industries Canada has co-invested into 82 projects worth $644 million with organizations from across Canada and internationally, to create solutions to a global food challenge. We are currently in our second year of our second mandate which extends to March 31, 2028. Our mission is to invest collaboratively to accelerate innovation and the competitiveness of the Canadian plant protein sector. We are looking for passionate individuals who share our vision to join our board of directors.

Protein Industries Canada currently has four (4) vacant board positions; two (2) Industry and two (2) Independent. The positions will be elected at our 2024 Annual Conference & General Meeting.

Protein Industries Canada’s AGM will be held in Saskatoon, SK, on September 11, 2024.

About the Board of Directors

Protein Industries Canada has a 12-person, volunteer board, made up of individuals from across North America. The board meets four to six times a year and has two committees of the board: Governance and Nominating and Audit and Finance. Committees meet in advance of regular board meetings.

Board terms are for three (3) years. Directors may serve for up to two terms (i.e. six (6) years). Board meetings are held both virtually and in person at the discretion of the Chair. A minimum of two in-person board meetings will be held each year.

Protein Industries Canada is seeking Board Members from across Canada

Protein Industries Canada is a gender-balanced board. To meet this requirement, one woman must be elected to the board in 2024. The election procedures, as defined in Protein Industries Canada’s bylaws, ensure a gender-balanced board.

Nominations for these positions are currently being accepted; all positions will be voted in by the membership at the AGM.

Protein Industries Canada is currently seeking nominations for board members who bring experience in board governance, are a representative of the industry, and have a passion for Canada’s agriculture and food sector. Ideal applicants include individuals with:

  • Business experience in ingredient manufacturing, food processing or bio-products;
  • International market development and/or market creation;
  • Experience in government relations;
  • Experience in private capital or financing;
  • Ability to represent the Canadian value-added agriculture ecosystem.

Protein Industries Canada is committed to having a culturally and geographically diverse board with representation that reflects the sector from coast to coast. As part of our commitment to Economic Reconciliation, Protein Industries Canada is committed to increasing Indigenous voices as part of our board of directors.

Strong Canadian voices that bring the sought-after skills and experience to the table, and who can help build Canada’s ingredient manufacturing, food processing and bio-sector, are encouraged to apply.

To let your name stand for the Board of Directors you must:

  • Be a Member of Protein Industries Canada in good standing;
  • Be authorized to represent your organization;
  • Fill out the nomination form and have it signed by two (2) other Protein Industries Canada members; and
  • Submit your completed nomination paper to deidre@proteinsupercluster.ca.

You do not have to attend the AGM to be elected to the Board of Directors.

Nominations must be received by July 31, 2024.

Nomination Process

To let your name stand for a position on the Board of Directors, you must:

  • Fill out the nomination form as instructed;
  • Submit a short biography or resume; and
  • Submit a letter of intent that outlines why you are interested in serving on the board and your relevant experience and skills that will make you an effective contributor to the organization.
Download Form
2024 Protein Industries Canada Board of Directors Nomination Form