Developing a farm-efficiency and traceability platform


This project focuses on developing technology that will serve a dual purpose for Canada’s plant-protein sector: the creation and distribution of on-farm prediction models for growers, and a comprehensive platform that will increase traceability.

The combination is expected to both increase farmer efficiency and open new markets for Canada’s plant proteins.

We very much look forward laying the groundwork in a platform solution that can extend out to partnerships across our industry, from field to fork.

- Dave Crompton, Co-Founder and CEO of OPIsystems

Led by Farmers Edge and OPIsystems, this $21 million project—of which the partners are investing $13.6 million and Protein Industries Canada is investing $7.4 million—will use farm-level data related to crop and storage health management to develop predictive models that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This will help farmers enhance production practices, as well as make better storage and marketing decisions. Later, the data will be used to show consumers and trade partners how the products they’re buying were produced and managed. The platform will include transparency related to production practices and any applicable regulatory or trade compliance checkoffs.