Developing a farm-efficiency and traceability platform



March 2020 to April 2021
Fund I: Complete

Consortia Contribution

Cluster Contribution


Farmers Edge



To develop technology that serves a dual purpose for Canada’s plant-protein sector: the creation and distribution of on-farm prediction models for growers, and a comprehensive platform that will increase traceability.

Project Summary

The partners used farm-level data related to crop and storage health management to develop predictive models that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The data shows consumers and trade partners how the products they’re buying were produced and managed. The platform created includes transparency related to production practices and any applicable regulatory or trade compliance checkoffs.

The resulting datasets will then be transformed into risk management solutions that will be set for e-commerce connecting value chain stakeholders. Ultimately, the results will lead to commercial product releases set for global market entry, leveraging existing global partner relationships. The e-commerce system will encapsulate traceability and blockchain standards to enable increased visibility across the value chain, meeting consumer needs, market access for growers and sourcing efficacy for value-added processing.

Results and Impact

  • 6 services and 12 products were commercialized, including the FarmCommand system, Insect, Disease and Growth stage models, and new growth model products.
  • The commercialized products increased the consortium's capabilities to deliver agronomic support to customers
  • Allowed Canadian growers access to an expanded suite of precision agriculture tools, increasing profitability and sustainability of their farms
  • Shared datasets with collaborating post-secondary institutes for data analytics research
  • Integration of grain storage system allowed information to flow across the value chain
  • Storage practitioners are able to condition and maintain grain to specific targets that match value-added market opportunities
  • Reduction of fungicide, fuel and water use
  • A second phase of this project with TrustBix focuses on marketing the product across the sector