Developing AI technology to improve crop and ingredient quality

Artificial Intelligence Priority

Accelerated Innovation

October 2023 to March 2026
Fund II: In progress

Consortia Contribution

Cluster Contribution


Enns Brothers

Crop Sentry

DL Seeds

AGT Food and Ingredients


To improve crops for ingredient processors to help them develop a steady supply of high-quality, highly functional ingredients for CPF manufacturers in developing new food and beverage products.

Project Summary

The partners are optimizing the IoT sensor system developed by Crop Sentry, particularly in pea and canola crops. This system autonomously gathers phenotype data throughout the growing season, helping farmers better collect measurements related to crop quality and allowing them to make data-driven decisions. The use of the new AI technology will improve productivity, crop quality, consistency and sustainability.

This will have positive ripple effects up the value chain. Because of the improved crop quality that results from the use of AI and ML technology, plant-based ingredient processors will have a more consistent supply of high-quality protein crops; their ability to turn these crops into high-quality, highly functional ingredients will aid CPG manufacturers in developing new food and beverage products. Additionally, the increasing demand for traceability related to sustainability, management practices and allergen concerns can more easily be met, helping companies across the value chain meet changing and rising consumer demands. The combination will lead to a stronger Canadian plant-based ecosystem, and help the sector reach its $25 billion potential as it helps supply the growing global demand for alternative protein options