Developing high-quality meat alternatives


A total of $7.6 million is being invested in the project, with Protein Industries Canada investing $3.8 million. and the other half provided by the consortium.

Wamame Foods, Merit Functional Foods, Wismettac Asian Foods and Winecrush Technology are partnering to develop and distribute plant-based, non-soy alternatives to pork and Wagyu beef.

Through the utilization of innovative plant protein ingredients and processing technologies, the beef alternatives will match the high-quality Wagyu line in both texture and taste.

The partners will also help diversify the plant-based foods available across Canada while meeting the high-quality taste, health and sustainability benefits consumers expect from plant-based foods and ingredients, as the new meat alternatives will be sold under three lines of products.

“Partnering with Protein Industries Canada has enabled Wamame Foods to assemble a world-leading consortium of like-minded companies and academia to deliver on our goal of creating premium plant-based beef.

This project will leverage the best in Canadian and Japanese agriculture, technology and culinary tradition to build a premium plant-based alternative that rivals the world’s most revered beef, Wagyu. Wamame’s plant-based Waygu will offer a new, sustainable alternative that promises consumers flavour and that
melt-in-your-mouth culinary experience that Wagyu premium beef delivers.

Support from Protein Industries Canada will strengthen our key partnerships domestically and help expand Waygu globally with amazing companies like Wismettac Asian Foods.”

- Wamame President Blair Bullus

Merit Functional Foods and Winecrush Technology will develop the ingredients for the new products using Canadian-grown crops, including
non-GMO peas and canola, which will then be used in research and development activities to perfect the new beef and pork alternatives.

The new products will be sold under Wamame Foods’ Waygu brand in addition to their pre-existing soy-based Waygu product, as well as a co-branded private label under Wismettac Asian Foods’ line of products.

The new lines of meat alternatives will be sold throughout Europe, Asia and North America, expanding Canada’s plant-based meat alternative
market footprint. This will support Canada’s goal of being an innovative leader in the production of plant-based food and ingredients, while also increasing domestic processing, creating jobs and strengthening our economy.