Developing new high-protein crop varieties


Using artificial intelligence and data trust tools, this project will optimize current plant breeding processes to develop new yellow pea varieties that combine high-yield potential and high-protein content.

A $3.5 million investment, the project will help meet global demand for Canadian plant proteins.

With data being a key innovation driver, it’s exciting to be able to provide enterprise data collaboration infrastructures on this project.

- Wallace Trenholm, CEO of Sightline Innovation

Sightline Innovation, DL Seeds and Seednet are investing $1.75 million, with Protein Industries Canada investing an additional $1.75 million. Yellow pea parent lines from Europe will be adapted to Canada’s growing conditions by utilizing a multi-party breeding program and proprietary datasets, which will be streamlined by a range of algorithms. The developed seeds will then be marketed to experienced certified seed growers, ensuring their distribution across Western Canada.