Developing new plant-protein products from Western Canadian crops


This $7.2 million partnership between Mera Food Group, Mera Developments and Benson Farm will see the development of new plant-based protein products.

Made from crops grown in Western Canada, these products will be marketed to first to consumers in Western Canada, followed by consumers in Asian throughout the second phase of the project. Mera Food Group is also partnering with Federated Co-operatives Limited to develop a new oat-based beverage based on this project, to be sold in Western Canadian groceries stores.

Working in the Food Centre with our partners at Protein Industries Canada and Federated Co-operatives Limited, we look forward to the development of several new value-added food products from commodities produced and now processed in the prairies.

- Mera Food Group President Wayne Goranson, P.Eng

Additionally, the partners will be bringing new co-packaging equipment into the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon, Sask. While using this equipment themselves, the partners will also be making it available to other agrifood businesses working out of the Food Centre, strengthening the plant-protein ecosystem as a whole.