Developing plant-based seafood product line


A total of $1.9 million has been committed to the project, with Protein Industries Canada co-investing half of the funds and New School Foods and Liven together investing the remaining half.

The project will focus on developing a whole muscle, plant-based fish filet that emulates the same texture, taste and cooking experience of fish — creating a product that appeals to the mass-market consumer.

The partners will test Liven’s fermentation-based, animal-free proteins in combination with other plant-based proteins, including Canadian-sourced pea, canola and fava protein. While canned and stick-form plant-based fish varieties are available in retail locations across Canada, plant-based fish products are not yet available as a whole muscle, unbreaded filet, nor do they offer texture that is as flaky as fish. This would provide consumers with new sustainable meat alternative options that more accurately mirror actual seafood.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this consortium with New School Foods to bring plant-based fish filet to Canadian consumers’ plate.

Our goal is to provide novel ingredients that enable plant-based foods to achieve nutritional parity and sensory experience of traditional animal products, and thereby attracting consumers toward sustainable plant-based diets.”

- Liven CEO Fei Luo

This co-investment will allow New School Foods to expand its research and development efforts by partnering with additional universities and private laboratories, allowing them to more quickly and successfully achieve their product development goals. It will also accelerate Liven’s development of protein ingredients through its precision fermentation platform, and will enable Liven to bring these ingredients to the marketplace. Liven will contribute their novel specialty protein ingredients to the project, to enhance the sensory and cooking experience of the plant-based seafood products.