Furthering pea and fava bean processing on the prairies


This $19.2 million project will see Roquette and Prairie Fava working together to address nutrition and processing challenges for pea and fava on the Prairies, while also exploring the utility of blended pea-fava protein products.

The project has several sub-activities ranging from breeding, to agronomic improvements, through to finished product testing and human clinical trials. Specifically, this project will address unique processing challenges associated with running a pea processing plant in Western Canada, such as how to mitigate the effects of cold weather. This knowledge will be key in further expanding Canada’s ability to be a global leader in the production of plant protein. Through its lifespan, it is expected that, in addition to the project consortium, 11 Canadian academic and research institutions and two additional SMEs will bring expertise and conduct research as part of this project. This will help train students, improve curricula and infrastructure, and build skills to support the development of a strong workforce for Canada’s agrifood sector.

The Jefferies family, owners of Prairie Fava