Helping industry navigate and address regulatory modernization

Capacity Building Priority

Supportive Regulatory Framework

November 2023 to March 2028
Fund II: In progress

Protein Industries Canada


To navigate regulations around the development of food products with the continued regulatory modernization research work with industry through the Centre for Regulatory Research and Innovation (previously the Regulatory Centre of Excellence)

Project Summary

Since its initial launch in April 2022, the Centre has helped companies across the plant protein ecosystem navigate Canada’s regulatory system while addressing knowledge gaps related to regulatory modernization in three main areas:

  • How protein labelling regulations from other jurisdictions may be applied in Canada without negatively impacting nutrient density and protein quality;
  • How nomenclature around product labelling affects purchase decisions and consumer interpretation of such products; and
  • The validation of an in-vitro way of determining protein digestibility, to reduce animal testing.

The work undertaken in the next phase of the Centre is building on that completed during the first phase, and in particular, creating data that fosters an enabling regulatory and policy environment that will help support and strengthen Canada’s plant-based sector.

The results of this success will provide more flexibility for highlighting the protein content of foods, without animal testing, and for companies to describe or name their products in retail.