Improving on-farm logistics and food traceability


This $9.25 million project will help improve on-farm logistics and food traceability through an integrated data platform.

This innovative project will reduce input costs and the overall environmental impact of the sector.

The consortium, consisting of Provision Analytics from Calgary, Alta., Verge Technologies from Calgary, Alta., Skymatics from Calgary, Alta., and Coutts Agro from Kindersley, Sask. will invest $4.6 million or half of the total project budget, with Protein Industries Canada’s co‑investment making up the other half.

This project gives us the opportunity to de‑commoditize Canadian crops, and find real, differentiating value in products as they move through the supply chain.

- Erik Westblom, Co-Founder and CEO of Provision Analytics

This project brings together the expertise of Coutts Agro, a large-scale farming operation, with technologies from Verge Technologies and Skymatics, which uses digital mapping and optimization technologies to help farmers improve in-field operations by capturing information around input application, fuel use and more. Verge Technologies software results in fewer passes required to maintain a field, leading to reduced fuel costs and mitigating a producer’s environmental impact. This dataset will be used by Provision Analytics to create linkages to support food traceability, transparency and key metrics associated with energy efficiency.

This will be the first project to attempt to correlate farm-level practices through the value chain from production to processing, bringing together the different touchpoints to support traceability and sustainability initiatives and advance Canada’s agriculture and food sector.