Improving the functionality of pulse-based proteins


One of Protein Industries Canada’s largest consortiums, Ingredion Inc., Ingredion Plant Based Protein Specialties (Canada) Inc., Verdient Foods Inc., T Base 4 Investments and O.M.D. Food Products are working together to bring new plant-based protein ingredients to Canadian and international manufacturers.

This $25.7 million project focuses on improving the functionality of pulse-based proteins in high-value ingredients. Initially focusing on yellow peas, it’s expected to lead to the expansion of applications that will broaden the markets for pulses.

By coming together with other consortium members, we will produce the next generation of ingredients that can be used by food manufacturers in Canada and on a global scale.

- Beth Tormey, Ingredion’s vice president of plant-based proteins

The partners expect the pulse-based ingredients to be of interest to large-scale food processors and manufacturers throughout Canada and international markets, helping drive further investment into Canada’s economy and the plant-protein sector.