Increasing plant-based food and beverage options through oat ingredient innovation



March 2022 to March 2023
Fund I: Complete

Consortia Contribution

Cluster Contribution


Plant Veda Foods Ltd.

Avena Foods Ltd.

Thirstea Beverages Ltd.

HPP Canada


To develop and commercialize oat milk concentrates using innovative processing methods like enzymatic treatments, membrane filtering and Cold High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP).

Project Summary

With the increasing demand for oat-based products, Plant Veda has identified the need for oat concentrates to accelerate product development innovation in small- and medium-scale enterprises in Canada.

Working with HPP Canada and Avena Foods, the partners transformed oat flours into two types of concentrates, which was supplied to other manufacturers like Thirstea Beverages.

Furthermore, Plant Veda will also use the oat concentrates to expand their product line by adding nut-free plant-based yogurts and ice creams into the market.

Results and Impact

  • Plant Veda developed bulk oat milks in 10-litre bags, considered to be more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly due to a decrease in waste and packaging material, using Avena Foods' gluten-free oats and extended the shelf life using HPP Canada’s HPP machine. The 10-litre bags are already being used, with the University of British Columbia becoming their first customer for the bulk plain and chocolate oat milk.
  • HPP Canada and Thirstea expanded its customer base, and Thirstea's tea market extended from domestic Asian outlets to national grocery retailers with the increased scale of the oat-based products. Thirstea also gained a sustainable competitive advantage from the project.
  • Avena Foods' success from the project led to increased international sales, also providing the company with a competitive advantage.