Commercializing the world's foremost canola and pea protein ingredients

From left to right: Ryan Bracken, Co-CEO of Merit Functional Foods, The Honourable Jim Carr, Special Advisor for the Prairies, and Bill Greuel at the Merit Functional Foods and Pitura Seeds announcement event


December 2019 to June 2021
Fund I: Complete

Consortia Contribution

Cluster Contribution


Merit Functional Foods

Pitura Seeds

The Winning Combination


To produce novel canola and pea protein isolates at Merit's state-of-the-art protein processing facility.

Project Summary

Using Merit's 94,000-square-foot production facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the first commercial facility in the world capable of producing food-grade canola proteins, the partners have worked to produce and create novel canola protein and pea protein isolates as ingredients to use in food and beverage applications using exclusively licensed technology from Burcon.

Results and Impact

  • Merit has created a product portfolio of its pea protein and canola protein to use in food and beverages, the latter of which is the world's first highly soluble and highly functional. They are neutral in flavour and less gritty than standard plant protein isolates.
    • Peazazz C™ pea protein
    • Peazazz® pea protein
    • Peazac® pea protein
    • Puratein® C canola protein
    • Puratein® G canola protein
    • Puratein® HS canola protein
    • MeritPro™ proprietary pea and canola protein blend
  • The partners have added significant value to commodities that are often exported in their raw form and have connected all points in the plant protein value chain.
  • Pitura Seeds has developed best practices for sourcing and preserving pea and canola varieties necessary to optimize protein processing.
  • Merit and The Winning Combination can assess and confirm pea/canola protein functionality and determine its fit in their finished product lines.
  • Merit has continued collaborating with the Food Development Centre to perform functionality and application work on Merit's various by-product offerings.