Partnership to create Canadian-made plant-based foods


This $11.3 million project will see a consortium of AGT Food and Ingredients (AGT) and ulivit work together to process pea, lentil and faba bean protein concentrate into high-moisture meat analogue, Texturized Pulse Protein (TPP), tempeh, tofu, pasta and non-dairy analogues.

These ingredients will then be further developed into market-ready food for the consumer and restaurant markets, helping to meet the increasing demand for vegetarian and flexitarian diets.

The Supercluster program is a game changer for ulivit. It creates opportunities that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

- Laura Gustafson, Founder of ulivit

This project brings together AGT, considered one of the founders of Canada’s plant protein industry, with ulivit, a young company led by two talented women entrepreneurs, to execute projects that will contribute to revolutionising the plant-based food market. Building off each other’s experience and expertise, they will use dry fractioned pulses as feedstock to create high-protein products using green production methods that will consume less energy and water than existing commercial processes.