Supporting Canadian flexitarian processing needs


Protein Industries Canada’s first Ontario-based project saw $1.2 million invested into the food processing sector.

Griffith Foods, Persall Fine Foods and K2 Milling are producing new plant-based protein ingredients, such as flours and texturized protein blends, for the vegan and flexitarian markets. They’re paying particular attention to the flexitarian market, working with meat and other food processors to create products that are nutritious and satisfying to all senses involved in the eating experience.

By collaborating with our consortium partners and PIC, we look forward to advancing Canada’s plant-protein industry with innovative, functional ingredients.

- Joachim Baur, Director of Product and Process Innovation at Griffith Foods

The consortium’s network of partners across the value chain will help them not only in the research and development of the products, but also in marketing them to processors. Griffith will then use internal programs to help those processors market the products to foodservice and retail markets throughout Canada and the United States.