Supporting whole seed utilization


This project will see $3 million, of which $1.3 million is from Protein Industries Canada and $1.7 million is from the consortium, invested to create a novel approach to improving the value of fibrous co-products from the pulse processing industry by transforming them into an organic micronutrient fertilizer.

The consortium consists of Lucent BioSciences from Vancouver and AGT Foods and Ingredients from Regina. Part of the AGT Foods and Ingredients value-added processing procedure creates a co-product from pea and lentil seed hulls. Using their propriety process, Lucent will convert these hulls into Soileos: a novel carbon-neutral micronutrient fertilizer that uses organic fibre as a carrier to provide micronutrients to plants.

The PIC investment allows us to accelerate R&D and engineering, while the collaboration with AGT opens up large-scale end-user testing and market access with a key industry player.

- Michael Riedijk, CEO of Lucent BioSciences

The delivery of micronutrients increases yield and nutrient density in crops, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. This project takes what has historically been considered a waste stream from processing and adds further value, utilizing the entire seed.