Crush Dynamics increases its competitive offerings through collaborative projects

Photo provided by Crush Dynamics

Crush Dynamics, previously Winecrush Technology, has seen its share of change over the past couple of years—all of it positive. Since launching two Protein Industries Canada projects in late 2021 and early 2022, the company has undergone a name change, expanded its staff, and expanded its market reach and capabilities.

“Our work with Protein Industries Canada has allowed us to expand our business, deepening our knowledge of the market and our ability to serve the needs of the plant protein world much more comprehensively,” said Crush Dynamics CEO Kirk Moir. “We are now able to address key taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability-related requirements of larger CPGs, particularly those working with Canadian-sourced plant protein products being delivered by our Protein Industries Canada partners.”

While many of the new companies Crush Dynamics is working with are located within Canada, the company has also been able to look outside of the country for new customers. Moir said they’re working with some of the largest food producers globally—food producers who are looking for formulations that are more nutritious, better tasting and longer lasting than those already on the market. They’re able to find that in the unique qualities found in Crush Dynamics’ ingredients, which are made from the side streams of wine production in British Columbia.

Some of the most beneficial qualities for these new customers is the ability to reduce added sodium and sugar in food formulations with the incorporation of Crush Dynamics’ ingredients. These reductions have come, in part, thanks to a recent expansion to the company’s Research and Development (R&D) team.

“Since we started working with Protein Industries Canada, we have significantly expanded our R&D team to more comprehensively serve the needs our food producer customers delivering the next generation of plant-based foods formulations to market,” Moir said. “In particular, we have expanded our R&D capabilities focused on both our core fermentation science as well as complimentary sensory science. This combined capability is allowing us to bring new products to market faster.”

Moir is excited about where these R&D capabilities will take Crush Dynamics in the future. He expects it will mean more partners for the company, an expanded market footprint and increased research related to their ingredients.

“We are most excited about the opportunity to bring novel, patent-pending fermentation-enabled plant protein products to market, working with partners in Canada and around the world. We are working with the Canada Research Chair in Plant Protein Structures to advance the fundamental science associated with the connection between our polyphenols and plant protein.”

For now, the company is focused on developing their ingredient for incorporation into their partners’ products. To learn more about Crush Dynamics and their ingredients, visit crushdynamics.com.