What is a Supercluster?

The Innovation Supercluster Initiative (ISI) is an exciting strategy, created by the Government of Canada, aimed at driving commercially successful innovation, fostering growth and creating jobs across Canada. Over the next four years, $950 million will be invested into small and medium enterprises and larger companies, establishing Canada as a global leader in five industry sectors: Digital Technology; Plant Protein; Advanced Manufacturing; AI-Powered Supply Chains; and Oceans.

Clustering is the concept of working together – sometimes with unconventional partners, or with a company that is elsewhere on the value chain – to enhance innovation, leading to new discoveries or overcoming challenges. For example, it could be collaborating on research on yellow pea protein content that leads to improved processing efficiency; or using data to improve on-farm decision making; or to make use of the starch and other co-products that result from fractionation as food ingredients or to produce products such as adhesives or food packaging materials. By working together, risk is shared, strengths are leveraged, and innovation is accelerated.

The supercluster initiative is more than just investing money; it is about doing business differently – leveraging strengths to drive innovation, overcome barriers and explore new opportunities.

Protein Industries Canada will create opportunities for businesses, big and small, to collaborate and co-invest in projects that have the potential to transform the agriculture and food processing industries in Canada. This is our opportunity to leverage our strengths from across the value-chain to produce new ingredients and products.

Canada is one of the only jurisdictions in the world that can meet the growing demand for plant protein-based food and livestock feed. To capture this opportunity, we must work collaboratively to share risk, leverage our strengths and accelerate innovation. The Supercluster initiative is more than just investing money – it is about doing business differently –to overcome barriers and explore new opportunities.