The biggest roadblock to incorporating artificial intelligence into your business


Ensuring a company is ready to add artificial intelligence (AI) to its everyday work isn’t a simple task, but it’s made easier with proper preparation and knowledge building.

Mai Mavinkurve, an AI and data innovator, helps companies across Canada assemble the plans, tools and knowledge they need to make AI a part of their toolkit. She helps answer plenty of questions in her role, but there’s one that seems to come up more often than any other: “What’s the biggest roadblock to getting my AI project off the ground?”

The answer, as it so commonly does, comes down to the company’s historic relationship with data collection. If a company has been strategic in this area, it will make its AI-adoption process much smoother.

“AI is a strategic advantage for your business,” Mavinkurve said. “The biggest roadblock to successful AI adoption is usually smooth access to good-quality data.”

While it’s best if a company has this pool of data built out—or at least started—before embarking on their AI journey, it is possible to build it out while preparing other elements. It’s important, however, that companies remember that building out their data pool can’t be rushed, as quality data can’t be tracked overnight.

Once a company commits to this data-tracking plan, the next question may be where to start. Mavinkurve has a solid answer for this, too, and it comes down to building out knowledge related to both strategic data tracking and AI.

“There are a multitude of online resources to learn more about how AI is used by businesses around the world,” she said. “Be curious. Watch lots of videos on Youtube to learn how others are embarking on their AI journey.”

In particular, she recommends the following resources:

By asking questions, being willing to learn, and being open to changing tactics and workflows within their operations, companies across Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients ecosystem can make it easier to incorporate AI technology into their everyday work. And by incorporating such a strategic resource into their toolkit, they can better help Canada meet the rising global demand for protein.

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