Advancing fermentation processing in Western Canada

Capacity Building

A total of $1.3 million will be invested into the project. The project partners are together investing $600,000, with Protein Industries Canada investing the remaining $700,000.

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (Food Centre), the University of Saskatchewan, the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) and Ag-West Bio are combining expertise to create a new fermentation and training program at the Food Centre. The project will build capacity in Canada’s plant-based ingredient and food ecosystem by marrying the addition of new technology with a skills development and training program.

“The Food Centre is excited to collaborate with our partners to grow capacity in fermentation technology.

This project will provide new opportunities to develop innovative products from proof of concept to commercialization and further our creation of new expertise in innovative processing for ingredients.

It will help to support our protein sector to build industry expertise to transform plant-based material from western Canadian proteins, starches and fibres using fermentation.”

- Food Centre President Dan Prefontaine

The addition of fermentation technology and expertise will allow for new plant-based ingredients and food products to be created and commercialized, supporting the growth of Canada’s value-added food sector. The expansion of fermentation processing technology is an emerging opportunity for Canada. This method of processing can help the country’s plant-based food, feed and ingredient sector increase its competitive edge in the global market and attract new talent — as it’s considered more sustainable and offers a higher profit margin than many processing methods previously used by the sector.

The program will support collaborative innovation, expertise and skill development between small- and medium-sized enterprises and the consortium, enabling the commercialization of new technology while attracting and fostering a pipeline of future talent for Canada’s plant-based ingredient and food ecosystem.