Developing new applications for pulse flours, for use in products within Canada and abroad


This $6.3 million investment brings together Avena Foods, Big Mountain Foods, Daiya Foods, Bakenology and The Village Bakery to research and develop new applications for pulse flours.

Avena Foods' tempered pulse flours are poised to help meet the fast-growing market demand for plant-based proteins and products. Big Mountain Foods and Daiya Foods, both based out of Vancouver, B.C., will utilize the flours in the development of new products for the growing vegan and flexitarian markets, both in North America and overseas. Bakenology and The Village Bakery, based in the United Kingdom, will utilize the Canadian plant-protein ingredients in food products that will be shipped across Europe.

“Support from PIC is critical in transitioning Avena’s tempered flours from promising food ingredients to an innovative suite of clean-label, nutritious and functional ingredients for food manufacturers. This project will open up a new, important market for farmers and provide significant benefits to consumers.”

- Avena Foods CEO Gord Flaten

With all members of the value chain in mind, the project will benefit Canadians across the plant-protein and agrifood sectors.