Expanding medical and at-home uses of plant-based protein blends


This co-investment of $2.2 million with Enhanced Medical Nutrition and Infinit Nutrition Canada focuses on the development of a novel plant-based protein blend that will be designed to meet the protein needs of hospitalized and outpatient individuals, and highly active athletic consumers

The partners, along with researchers at McMaster University, are focusing on meeting the rising demand for high-quality plant-based protein options within the clinical and athletic markets. They’re targeting consumers where sufficient protein intakes pose a challenge, particularly individuals recovering from surgery, the critically ill and athletes building muscle mass.

"This market is one that requires nutrition solutions based on scientific evidence. With the help of McMaster and PIC, we can create science-driven plant-protein powders that will meet the growing demand for these products in the clinical setting.”

- EMN Co-founder and CEO Eric Zimmerman

Modular powders developed through the project will be used in healthcare settings where they can be mixed into beverages or soft foods, or flushed through feeding tubes. The ready-to-mix powders will also be designed for hospital use, as well as for outpatient settings and at-home use.