Improving the protein content of pulse-based products


Through a $4.3 million co-investment, GrainFrac Inc., Tomtene Seed Farm and Ripple Foods PBC will develop new pulse-based protein ingredients and beverages, using technology that reduces water and energy use associated with processing.

The partners will process pulses grown and supplied by Tomtene Seed Farm, using specialized dry processing technology patented by GrainFrac. Starches and proteins from these pulses will be separated to extract as much protein as possible into concentrates and isolates, which Ripple Foods plans to test in new beverage formulations.

The ingredients shown to have the highest protein content will be used in Ripple Foods’ formulations, as well as marketed to other processors and manufacturers outside of the partnership following the completion of the project. The investment is expected to help both introduce new products to the market as well as scale up GrainFrac’s processing technology. This scale-up will help GrainFrac quantify the environmental benefits associated with the technology’s dry processing capabilities, including its reduction in water use.