Developing and commercializing domestic soybean protein ingredients


A total of $27.3 million is being invested in the project: approximately $20 million committed by Canada Protein Ingredients Ltd. - Ingrédients Protéiques du Canada Ltée (CPI-IPC), DJ Hendrick International, Agrocorp Processing, Semences Prograin and Synthesis Network will be met by $7.3 million from Protein Industries Canada.

This project will focus on the development and commercialization of high-quality, made-in-Canada, non-GM soybean protein ingredients.

The partners will create an innovative proprietary process to produce high-quality and highly sought-after soybean protein ingredients and soybean oil that comply with non-GM and Organic labelling standards. CPI-IPC will process the crops at a brand-new, first-of-its-kind facility in Canada, expected to break ground in the next 18 months.

“This investment enables Canada Protein Ingredients to meet growing global demands with completely made-in-Canada products.

There is currently no soybean protein isolate or concentrate manufacturing capacity in Canada, despite soybeans being a major crop for farmers.

CPI is poised to commercialize Canadian science, further process Canadian soybeans, and respond to a global market hungry for plant-based protein.”

- CPI-IPC CEO Jim Millington

Semences Prograin will develop and test new non-GM soybean varieties optimized for Canada’s growing conditions, while DJ Hendrick International and Agrocorp Processing will assist in developing, testing and marketing the new end products to international markets.

This will add increased value across the Canadian agri-food value chain; farmers will receive premiums for growing specialty crops, and food manufacturers will benefit from a local source of plant-based protein ingredients that currently can only be imported.