Connect with our members

Regardless of where you do business—or what type of business you do—chances are there’s a Protein Industries Canada member eager to connect with you.

Our members span Canada and the globe, touching on every aspect of the agrifood value chain. They’re helping grow the plant-protein sector by introducing new products for consumers, new processing methods for suppliers and new technology for farmers and , all in ways that are more sustainable than ever before.

Canada’s plant-protein sector has plenty to offer potential partners, from raw commodities to processed ingredients. Businesses throughout the agrifood sector are increasingly bringing new products to market; work on Protein Industries Canada member projects alone is expected to create more than 225 new products, 77 new processes and six new services.

Our research and academic institutions, meanwhile, are creating new protein-rich crop breeds suited for growing in Canada’s climate and new processing methods in order to better turn them into consumer-friendly ingredients. And in the wings waits a talented, well-educated base of young employees, ready to take what they’ve learned at our post-secondary institutions and apply it to the industry’s greatest challenges.

The growth opportunity before us is matched only by the growing global demand for plant-based proteins. Together, we can meet that demand—all while growing your business alongside our members’.

To connect with a Protein Industries Canada member who best fits your needs, contact us at To learn how to become a Protein Industries Canada member yourself, visit our “Join” page.