Improving traceability and marketing for Canada's plant-based sector


A $17.1 million co-investment has been committed to the project, with Protein Industries Canada providing 50 per cent and Farmers Edge, OPIsystems and TrustBIX providing investments of $6 million, $2.2 million and $334,000 respectively. This second phase of this partnership will improve traceability and marketing opportunities by creating a platform for Canada's plant-based food, feed and ingredient sector.

Each partners' expertise will intersect to enhance production practices and storage and marketing decisions, increasing returns and creating a reliable food supply to feed the growing population.

Farmers Edge provides the field-level analysis and advanced predictive modeling; OPIsystems’ technology helps producers dry, condition and store grain in ways that optimize quality while reducing energy consumption and spoilage losses; and TrustBIX provides blockchain connectivity between the partners to verify traceability for grain marketing.

In this second phase, the partners will leverage the power of connected field sensors, artificial intelligence and big data analytics to create a high-tech solution to enhance predictive modeling, digital traceability, and connectivity within the agri-food supply chain.